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Life at Sea: Work

While it’s easy to get romanced by the idea of travel, a good portion of your life at sea will be spent at work, so it is vital that it is both productive and fulfilling for you. All our successful spas have great team players who support each other, but also take it upon themselves to run their own columns. What does this mean? It means that each individual will help promote the spa as a whole but will take responsibility for filling up his or her appointment sheet. There is nothing quite as invigorating and rewarding as being fully booked, and when you are working, you should try to be as busy as possible. Your salary is mostly commission and tip based, so the more productive you are, the more you can earn. Obviously how busy you are is not solely about how well you promote yourself, other factors also come into play – like how full the ship is, or where the ship is sailing – but it is vital that you take charge of your day and become the captain of your column! Your work will be varied and include: hosting seminars and demonstrations, promoting the entire spa and your own services, promoting in different parts of the ship, offering deck massage and pool side braiding, weekly port cleaning, inventory checks and assisting with stock. All staff must participate in life boat drill every cruise and guide passengers to their stations should there be an emergency. Staff may also be asked to be models for the gift shop fashion show. Work or Play? Onboard they become intertwined. What do the staff say? “When I joined the ship, I was very shy and very worried about making friends and speaking in public. I am now cured!” Katherina Beauty Therapist.

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