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Every cruise line has different rules, but mostly our staff are allowed to go out in passenger areas. There may be some areas that are out of bounds and exclusive to passengers – but for the most part, staff can visit any of the passenger lounges, watch the most amazing Broadway shows in the theatres and more as long as they adhere to the dress code. This may be a simple rule like: staff must wear black, or it may be an actual evening uniform. However, in passenger areas, you must always be discreet. But don’t despair! For those nights that you really want to let your hair down, there is always the crew bar where crew, staff and officers often meet to just relax, have a game of darts, dance or have a party. Most ships, especially the larger ones, have a crew sun bathing deck with a pool, as staff cannot use the passenger pool area. This private deck is found at the front of the ship and can offer a wonderful escape during your lunch break. On some smaller ships, staff can use the passenger pool on port days.

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