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Life at Sea: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of the contract?
For acupuncturists and medi-spa physicians, contracts are 7 months. All other spa and salon staff, the contract is 9 months.

What is my earning potential?
It all depends on the itinerary, passenger count and how well you promote yourself. Commercial ships that sail from Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Orlando to the Caribbean on 3, 4 or 7 day itineraries are traditionally very busy for the spa and on sea days you can expect back-to-back appointments. On these ships, most staff earn more money at sea than they would earn on land, and they don’t have any living costs whatsoever. Tips are standard in the USA and most staff can live on their tips alone when doing well. If you are on ships that sail to exotic lands – or to faraway places, like the Norwegian Fjords or around the world, then the spa tends to be less busy and the salaries are not always as lucrative. Some of our staff save enough money to put a down payment on a house, and of course, some of our staff don’t do as well. It is very much up to you and your drive to succeed. However, on all ships you have absolutely no living costs onboard, so every penny is yours to spend as you wish. The fact is, you can live free of charge onboard, so if you want to save every penny, you can. Realistically, you probably won’t!

How do I get paid?
Each staff member receives a Visa backed Ocean Pay account. Your salary is automatically credited to this account. You will receive an Ocean Pay debit card and with this you can withdraw your money from an ATM machine or pay for anything in venues that accept credit or debit cards. If you wish to wire money into your savings account, you can do this online by visiting the Ocean Pay website. The regularity of your payment depends on your cruising, but it could be bi-weekly or monthly. Go to: for more information.

Onboard Expenses
Your only true expenses are tips for the cabin steward (approximately $10 per week) and laundry. Other than that, your expenses are your choice – phone calls, wireless internet, gift shop purchases and bar bills.

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