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Back on Board FAQ's

What about my commissions?
For any information regarding commissions please contact Indra Bahadursingh who deals with all commission payments and queries. [email protected]

Do I need to get a new drugs and/or pregnancy test before every contract?
Yes. Please contact your local GP/Doctor to arrange this. A 7 panel drugs test needs to be conducted. Drugs and/or Pregnancy test needs to be carried out approx 3 weeks before the contract starts.

Who pays for my flight to the ship?
All experienced staff are responsible for the cost of the flight to the ship. On completion of your 9 month contract the company will repatriate you back to your gateway city as agreed by you and the company.

What about medical debarks?
Contact Liz Junco who deals with all medical debarks and medical clearance. [email protected]

How do I arrange my next contract?
Please complete the online Back on Board application form and then a representative of Back on Board will contact you with relevant positions.

Where do I get new uniforms from?
You can get your new uniforms when you come to Steiner for training before starting your next contract. For uniform enquiries please contact [email protected]

Do I need to come to the academy prior to starting a new contract?
Experienced staff are not required to return via London academy unless they are required to learn a new treatment.

Do I need to update my "PEME" pre employment medical examination before my next contract?
You are responsible for the cost of renewing your medical. You can find your nearest Norwegian Maritime Doctor on Your "PEME" needs to be valid for the entirety of your contract + 30 days. If it has or is due to expire, you can renew your "PEME" at the Steiner training Academy when you come for training. Please ensure to bring your old medical with you to the Academy on your first day of training.

What happens after I confirm my ship?
Back on Board will send you your join from home pack with your immigration letter and any other documents that you are required to join your ship successfully.

What if my C1/D Visa has expired?
Please contact Back on Board at [email protected] and the appropriate paperwork will be sent to you. Please note that in order to renew your C1/D visa you will require a letter of employment from Steiner and a signed contract. You need originals of the paperwork, the embassies will not accept emailed or faxed copies so please allow sufficient time when arranging your appointment at the embassy to ensure you will have received the paperwork in time.

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