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Cruise Ship Information

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line boasts a fleet of over 20 cruise ships. Working with Carnival you will become familiar with the enjoyment that working on a cruise ship offers. Staff are young, friendly, outgoing, and most of all, hardworking. However, a Carnival cruise is more than just a regular cruise line. It's an attitude. It's a spirit of be-yourself fun that no other cruise line can offer. From the inviting decor to the friendly staff, you'll feel the difference right away.

Costa Crociere S.P.A. is an Italian company with headquarters in Genoa, which boasts more than fifty years of tradition in the Italian passenger navigation. Costa boasts 11 luxury cruise ships with varied itineraries which include Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and South America. Due to the high number of European guests, Italian or German speakers are preferred. Costa staff must have a pleasant manner and strong experience in their chosen fields.


From the moment guests step onboard the Crystal cruise ships they begin to experience the dedication of staff to ensure that every moment of their cruise is a memorable experience. Crystal cruises offer varied itineraries with one ship offering a World Cruise. Steiner staff must have outstanding customer service in order to meet the six star commitment that Crystal Cruises offers passengers.


The possibilities for retailing are very high on Disney and so the line is suited to staff who are ambitious in this department. Disney also expects very high standards of dress and behaviour of its staff so this must also be taken into account when choosing this cruise line. Our choices are also restricted by a minimum age of 21 years.

Holland America

The Holland America cruise line features 12 luxurious cruise ships in their five star fleet and provide guests with the ultimate onboard experience. Staff must be committed to providing outstanding customer service, be friendly, approachable and high revenue earners.



All Norwegian cruise ships feature world class amenities and offer outstanding customer service to ensure each passenger’s onboard experience is a unique and memorable one. Steiner staff must be well groomed and offer a high level of customer service.


Princess Cruises started out in 1965 with a single ship cruising to Mexico, and has grown to become one of the premiere cruise lines in the world. Its fleet carries more than a million passengers each year and is one of the most recognised cruise lines in the world. Staff working for Princess need to be exceptionally professional, have a high level of experience, and a polite manner.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Royal Caribbean has a fleet of over 20 deluxe cruise ships with itineraries which include the Caribbean, Canada, Hawaii, Europe, Mexico, Alaska and many more exotic locations. Staff working on Royal Caribbean should be hard working, motivated, high revenue earners, and very friendly.

The name "Silversea" was chosen for its connotations with quality and luxury and to convey the romantic idea of the ocean. With varied itineraries which span every corner of the globe, Silversea cruise lines are ideal for staff who are motivated by travel. Staff need to have high levels of personalised service, be sophisticated, high calibre and be a minimum age of 23 years.


Seabourn guests are affluent, well seasoned travellers who want the best of the best. The ships visit a selection of the world’s most famous cities as well as unusual ports of call many offered only by Seabourn. Steiner Staff must have exceptional customer service and excellent client care. Rebooking is important, as service is of the utmost importance. Their appearance must be professional and smart and they must offer high levels of personalised service.

Wind Star Cruises

Windstar cruise line was created with the vision to offer an alternate to the typical cruise experience. Windstar promises guests a level of personal service that is recognised among cruising ‘best’. Steiner staff members need to be motivated to provide outstanding levels of personalised guest service.



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