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Product and Retail Training

Steiner's core philosophy is lifestyle focused: we believe that well-being is a result of daily habits. It is how we live that helps determine our health. As such, each and every guest we serve is an opportunity for us to educate and inspire wellness. As a spa professional, your knowledge, combined with the recommendation of suitable self-care products are part of our service. We never just offer a service - we offer a lifestyle.

The brands we recommend are:

  • Elemis - Defined by nature, led by science, this premium skincare brand is only available in professional environments. Clinically-trialed and award-winning for efficacy, Elemis is superior to most skincare brands available.
  • La Therapie - this cosmeceutical skincare brand is perfect for maturing and sensitive skin types. This skincare range is the perfect complement to the La Therapie HydraLift Facial, which is offered on many cruise ships.
  • Ionithermie - this Parisian firming treatment is offered onboard with the Ionithermie homecare regimen. This treatment offers immediate results from 1-8 inches lost in just a single treatment. The homecare continues to help break down fatty deposits and enhance results.
  • Sebastian - this fun hair care range will put a smile on your clients’ faces - from Kink Control to Discipline, this professional hair care will help whip your clients’ hair into shape!
  • Jou - these Chinese whole food herbs are organically grown and complement our acupuncture programs onboard.

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