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DISC Training - Behavioural Profiling

Giving the edge to Steiner recruits.

Imagine: you have taken the first step towards a new lifestyle and career with Steiner. You have been through the interview process and gained access to the coveted Steiner Academy in London for 1-12 weeks to polish off your skills, learn the Steiner services and how to sell to international passengers. During the course you learn that Steiner service is considered second to none onboard, and every passenger is very different from the last. Some speak fluent English, some don’t. Some come from very affluent backgrounds, while others have been saving a lifetime for this - their ultimate trip! Clearly it is of the utmost importance that each and every passenger and client who comes to the onboard spa walks away not only looking and feeling fabulous, but with the proper maintenance programme for their hair, make-up, skin, body care, and of course, fitness!

So what does Steiner have that regular training academies don't have? Behavioural Profiling. This method of psychometric testing has been around for many years, but isn’t utilized much in the beauty industry. Silly really, when this industry probably faces one of the biggest pools of different personalities on a daily basis - the general public!

Steiner’s predicative behavioural profiling is made up of 4 major profiles. They are:

  • D: Directing, self certain, adventurous, decisive, competitive, assertive, forceful, daring
  • I: Influencing, optimistic, enthusiastic, open, impulsive, emotional, talkative, charming
  • S: Steady, deliberate, patient, protective, accommodating, easy going, modest, sincere
  • C: Cautious, restrained, logical, analytical, precise, curious, doubting, consistent, perfectionist
By performing a quick 2-minute test through this method you are able to identify an individual’s predominant natural predicative behavioural pattern, followed by their ‘back-up’ predicative behavioural pattern. Of course, you would never ask a client to physically complete a personality profile. Instead, students at the Steiner Academy learn how to determine the precise personality traits their clients have in order to service them better, and also up-sell products and services whilst they are onboard.

At a recent Steiner seminar outlining the DISC programme, Kerry Campbell, Regional Recruitment Manager for Steiner said, “We have had an excellent success rate since we incorporated this philosophy into our London Academy’s training regime. Not only does it assist us in ensuring Steiner’s origins of commitment remain at the highest standards of client care and focus, but we have found it to be an invaluable training tool.”

The Steiner spa personnel attend the Academy’s rigorous training schedule for anywhere between 1 week to 12 weeks. In this time, their goal is to introduce as many of their staff to this training tool as possible. “Without the luxury of building your clientele over a lengthy time frame (as you do in land-based beauty spas), it is vital that you get it right with Steiner spa guests on their first visit,” explains Campbell. “Getting it right has become like second nature to our sea-based spa teams and our client re-bookings for further spa treatments and homecare recommendations are at an all time record high!"

Everything at Steiner is taken into consideration, from the greeting of their guests upon arrival at the spa to the pre-treatment consultation, and the way in which the treatment or the service is carried out. The prescribing of a homecare routine for Steiner guests is greatly enhanced by recruits tuning themselves into not only their guests’ needs, but also their personality types.

“But it doesn’t just finish there,” adds Kerry. “Our recruitment teams who source our staff throughout the world have implemented the predicative behaviour analysis into their interview process. So applicants beware! Not all personalities have the same strengths or weaknesses, but gaining the ability to strengthen their weaknesses is something that our staff view as one of our biggest draw cards. On a professional and personal level, our staff members are coming away stronger, more confident and more in control due to Steiner’s commitment to innovative and up-to-the minute training.”

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