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Interview Dates

Please note that recruitment is on-going, there are no “closing dates” for positions, and we can be flexible with training dates.


CologneAll Professions18 December 2018Lorena Hartl Polanco
SerbiaAll Professions23 December 2018Dana Ristic
NumbergAll Professions9 January 2019Lorena Hartl Polanco
LisbonAll Professions11 January 2019Roksolana Kischuk
OportoAll Professions12 January 2019Roksolana Kischuk
MilanAll Professions12 January 2019Monica Sorrentino
SerbiaAll Professions13 January 2019Dana Ristic
SerbiaAll Professions13 January 2019Dana Ristic
Madrid, SpainAll Professions14 January 2019Roksolana Kishchuk
Barcelona, SpainAll Professions15 January 2019Roksolana Kishchuk
RomeAll Professions18 January 2019Monica Sorrentino
MunicAll Professions18 January 2019Lorena Hartl Polanco
SofiaAll Professions20 January 2019Monica Sorrentino
Utrecht The NetherlandsAll Professions20 January 2019Ingrid Borst
wroclaw, PolandAll Professions20 January 2019Karolina Wojcik
Warszawa, PolandAll Professions27 January 2019Karolina Wojcik
SerbiaAll Professions27 January 2019Dana Ristic
MilanAll Professions2 February 2019Monica Sorrentino
BerlinAll Professions3 February 2019Lorena Hartl Polanco
Malaga, SpainAll Professions5 February 2019Roksolana Kishchuk
KarlsruheAll Professions6 February 2019Lorena Hartl Polanco
SerbiaAll Professions10 February 2019Dana Ristic
Poznan, PolandAll Professions10 February 2019Karolina Wojcik
HamburgAll Professions11 February 2019Lorena Hartl Polanco
RomeAll Professions12 February 2019Monica Sorrentino
StuttgartAll Professions14 February 2019Lorena Hartl Polanco
Antwerp, BelgiumAll Professions17 February 2019Ingrid Borst
Brussels BelgiumAll Professions18 February 2019Ingrid Borst
Paris, FranceAll Professions19 February 2019Ingrid Borst
Gdansk, PolandAll Professions24 February 2019Karolina Wojcik
SerbiaAll Professions24 February 2019Dana Ristic
MacedoniaAll Professions26 February 2019Dana Ristic
RomeAll Professions1 March 2019Monica Sorrentino
MilanAll Professions2 March 2019Monica Sorrentino
AlbaniaAll Professions11 March 2019Dana Ristic
Lisbon, PortugalAll Professions15 March 2019Roksolana Kishchuk
Oporto, PortugalAll Professions16 March 2019Roksolana Kishchuk
Kiev, UkraineAll Professions16 March 2019Karolina Wojcik
Warszawa, PolandAll Professions17 March 2019Karolina Wojcik
Utrecht, The NetherlandsAll Professions17 March 2019Ingrid Borst
SerbiaAll Professions17 March 2019Dana Ristic
SerbiaAll Professions31 March 2019Dana Ristic
MilanAll Professions2 April 2019Monica Sorrentino
RomeAll Professions9 April 2019Monica Sorrentino
Utrecht, The NetherlandsAll Professions14 April 2019Ingrid Borst
Paris, FranceAll Professions16 April 2019Ingrid Borst
MacedoniaAll Professions23 April 2019Dana Ristic
Antwerp, BelgiumAll Professions12 May 2019Ingrid Borst
MontenegroAll Professions13 May 2019Dana Ristic

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information on a specific interview date.

Regional Managers - Contact Details:

Ingrid Borst
Recruitment Manager in Asia, Canada & Europe
Mobile: +31-655104153
Email: [email protected]
Lorena Hartl Polanco
Tel: +49 (0) 176 355 27645
Email: [email protected]
Helena Vehovec
Slovenia, Croatia, BiH, Hungary, Slovakia
Tel: + 386 41 739 011
Email: [email protected]
Monica Sorrentino
Tel: +39 340 88 77 460
Email: [email protected]

Carmen Szasz
Job Selection Corporation
9 Alexandru Odobescu street
500271 Brasov
Tel: +40 268 314 314
Cellular: +40 729 642 999
Email: [email protected]
Roksolana Kishchuk
Spain and Portugal
Tel: +34 607 656 851
Fax: +34 951 235 738
Email: [email protected].com
Dana Scepovic
Serbia and Montenegro
Tel: +38 1641425901/ 5
Email: [email protected]
Karolina Wojcik
Recruitment Manager - Poland
Tel: +00 48 505 977 645
Email: [email protected]

Astral Ltd
Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Belarus 
Plac Wolnosci 31
84-100 Puck
Tel. +48 58 673-27-27
Mob. +48 662 036563
Email: [email protected]

Where would you like to be interviewed? Select your country/region to view scheduled interview dates:

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